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About Us

"Connect with nature"

Our journey begins with the concept of Satori.

Coming from the Zen Buddhism, it means awakening to our true nature. We believe nature exists both within and without, both in the peace of our inner selves and the nature living around us all. In truth, there is no separation between us and the natural world.

cork yoga mat

Satori Concept is your home for innovative eco-friendly yoga products. Our signature cork yoga mats are made from sustainably sourced cork and recyclable  rubber, being completely non-toxic and TPE-free. They’re also soft to touch and feel wonderful against your skin during your practice. 

 cork yoga mat

Satori is our approach to yoga and product design. We believe in the transformative power of nature. The simplest things can elevate your practice — rituals like surrounding yourself with fresh air and doing asanas outdoors bring a sense of harmony. We are inspired by the simplicity of things around us, like flowers, gardens, rivers, and mountains. This concept flows into the natural imagery and esoteric symbols featured on our signature cork mats.  

Thank you for making us part of your journey, and welcome to the Satori family!


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