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Are Cork Yoga Mats Good

Are Cork Yoga Mats Good For You?

In the world of yoga, there are several choices to be made. What type of yoga should you be practicing? How often should you practice? What kind of mat should you use? While most of these boil down to personal preference, there are some things to consider when making choices about yoga. One important choice is the type of mat you will use. 

If you have been considering trying a cork yoga mat, but aren’t sure what all the hype is about, then continue reading. Are cork yoga mats good? The short answer is: absolutely! However, this article will detail the benefits of using cork yoga mats and why they are suitable for your practice.

What are cork yoga mats made of ?

Cork is a renewable resource taken from cork trees which regenerate surprisingly fast. The trees are not cut down for harvest, but rather, the bark is harvested and used in the yoga mats. Each cork tree can produce cork for about 200 years. That means that no matter how many yoga mats are made, cork trees will continue producing for many years to come.

While the answer to the above question may seem rather obvious, there is more to a cork yoga mat than just cork. There are two main types of cork yoga mats: cork + rubber; cork + TPE. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two.

Cork + Rubber backing yoga mat 

Many cork yoga mats have natural rubber backs to keep the grip strong on the floor. What’s so great about this combination of materials is that the yoga mats are 100% sustainable. Cork is a sustainable resource, and natural rubber is as well. This means that using a cork + rubber yoga mat is good for the environment. You are doing yourself and the environment a favor when you use a cork and rubber yoga mat.

Are Cork Yoga Mats Good

Cork + TPE

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is a rubber-like material that is processed like plastic. Essentially, it a synthetic material that can be used in cork yoga mats. While this material offers support, and grip, it is not a renewable resource, meaning that cork + TPE yoga mats are not sustainable and contain chemical. 

Are Cork Yoga Mats Good?

Here, we will take a look at some pros and cons of cork yoga mats so that you can decide for yourself whether or not cork yoga mats are good for your practice. 

  • Cork yoga mats are sustainable.

Cork is both recyclable and biodegradable. The cork tree, as mentioned above, is not cut down, but the outer layer of the bark is used to make the mats. The bark is then regenerated, making the cork a renewable resource and using cork yoga mats eco-friendly. Knowing and trusting the brand that makes your cork yoga mat is essential as well. Many yoga mat companies utilize all of the bark so that nothing goes to waste, ensuring that the yoga mats are 100% environmentally friendly. What’s more? Cork is completely biodegradable, as well as recyclable. Your cork yoga mat will never sit in a trash pile for hundreds of years like some other materials.
Cork, by nature, is antimicrobial. But what exactly does that mean? It means that bacteria does not easily grow on the surface of the mat. This means that you can practice with peace of mind knowing that you aren’t sitting or lying in a bed of bacteria. Your cork yoga mat remains clean and fresh with little effort from you. While it is always essential to clean your mat after every practice, you won’t have to worry about your mat being a breeding ground for bacteria. The antimicrobial properties keep that from happening, keeping your mat safe and clean. 
  • Cork Yoga Mats Come in Many Beautiful Designs

Just because they are made of cork doesn’t mean that they all look alike. There are several different designs that cater to yogis of all walks of life. Whether you want your mat to represent the chakras, nature around you, or even just want a plain cork yoga mat, you can find all of those and more at Satori Concept. Elegantly designed and sure to bring out your inner yogi, cork yoga mats are an excellent addition to everyone’s yoga gear.

  • Cork Mats Have a Great Grip

Another reason why cork yoga mats are good for your practice is that they are non-slip, even when wet. When cork gets wet, it releases a waxy substance known as Suberin which increases the grip and makes the mat non-slip. Also, if the mat has a rubber backing, this makes it non-slip on the ground as well, creating a great platform for your yoga practice. Even if you practice hot yoga, you will not be slipping or sliding. The wetter the mat gets, the more grip it has!
  • Cork is Comfortable and Durable.

One of our big arguments for why cork yoga mats are good for practice is that they are durable and the performance is unmatched. It is a great balance of traction and cushion, making practice comfortable and easy. You will be able to practice with ease on any surface, giving you the ability to practice pretty much anywhere you please! Also, you will be able to use your cork yoga mat for many years thanks to its durability. So many yoga mats begin deteriorating after only a couple of years of use. However, cork is durable and long-lasting and won’t break down any time soon.
  • Cork Mats are Lightweight, but the Rubber Backing is not.

If you are looking for a lightweight mat, then cork would be a great choice. However, if you choose a cork mat with a rubber backing, you are going to be carrying around a bit more weight. While the rubber offers a great non-slip backing, it also adds on a bit of bulk and heaviness, making it not quite as easy to carry from home to practice. For some people, this may not be an issue, but if you are looking for a lightweight, less bulky option, then this option may not be for you.  

FAQs About Cork Yoga Mats

  • Are Cork Yoga Mats more Expensive than other Mmats?

Cork yoga mats, because of their many advantages, can be more expensive than other materials. However, in the long run, it will pay for itself because you won’t have to replace it every few years.
  • How can I find the Best Cork Yoga Mat to Buy?

Satori Concept offers a wide variety of yoga accessories, including cork yoga mats. Our mats are 100% sustainable and very aesthetic. You can shop online and find the perfect mat for you.
  • Will a Cork Yoga Mat Benefit my Practice?

Every yogi is different, but we believe that cork is the future of yoga mats. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also adds so much to your practice. You won’t have to worry about slipping or sliding, even in hot yoga, and you won’t need to replace your mat for many years because of its durability. Plus, cork yoga mats offer a cushion that makes poses more comfortable. In short, cork yoga mats may benefit your yoga practice in many ways.

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