Satori Concept

I Am Supported - Citrine & 7 Chakras Mala Necklace - Happiness, Positivity, Abundance


This bracelet brings sunshine into your life.
Citrine is known as a happy stone which is great for the development of strength, reputation, success, and respect in life. Citrine boosts the healing energies and increases self-esteem in life. It is an effective way for boosting one’s intelligence.

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Amethyst is associated with self-control, serene, and calm. Amethyst means “not intoxicated”, its name is gotten from the Greek word améthystos.


It's the stone of Courage and Protection. Mix with the throat chakra to clear communication. Aquamarine helps to stimulate verbal self-expression.

Lapsi Lazuli

It's a stone of protection worn to guard against psychic attacks, it quickly reduces stress, bringing deep peace, harmony, and deep inner self-knowledge.


The garnet manifestation of the energies of fire, enthusiasm, cleverness, and strength.


Jadestone signifies purity or purification. Another meaning of jade is harmony and balance.


The carne is associated with healings, averting radiation energy repels, defend from negative.

108 beads
Gemstone beads are approximately 6mm
Handcrafted in India

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