Satori Concept

Soy Candle "I Am Love" - 100% Natural, 9oz, Vanilla, Spicy Cinnamon, Warm Caramel, Freshly Brewed Coffee Active


This year we’re embracing the mind of a beginner. We’re dumping what we assume we know to create space for the unknown. With open spirits and open minds, we’re welcoming expectations. This new beginning will lead us into a year of expectations. Together, we’re breathing in the present and breathing out the past. Light this candle when you want to feel motivated on your new journey!

Soy Candle: A Cleansing Ocean

A cleansing ocean air just before the storm with the fresh and refreshing aroma of a stormy sea and reinvigorating ozone. Frangible, watery tonalities relax and replenish the senses, while a bottom floor of sea salt lingers in the energetic and arousing auras of wonderful sea breezes. Lighting this candle is a great way to start the season of expectations.

9oz | Burn time: 45 - 50 hours

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