Satori Concept

Soy Candle "I Am Radiant" - 100% Natural, 9oz, Fresh Cucumber And Ripe Melon


Shine with radiant light. My energy is implanted in mother nature and cycles with the trust of the universe. I am radiant with the intention of self-connection and turn to love, understanding, and inner radiance.

Recommended: SOY CANDLE

A mixture of freshly cut sweet cucumber with little hints of ripe melon and slight vanilla, the scent is fresh, sharp, and healthy. It is meant to uplift your spirit and never leave you feeling moody.

Light this candle early when you are having your morning coffee to get ready for a new day. This distinctive fragrance is perfect for all times of the year, made with an all-natural wick, clean-burning, and environmentally friendly. It sparks healthy connections with yourself and others. 

9oz | Burn time: 45 - 50 hours

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